Don’t miss a mosaic workshop with Debra… travel if you have to! A knowledgeable, compassionate, nurturing teacher, Debra is a sheer joy to learn from and spend time with. I can’t wait for the next workshop or studio day. I am hooked!!

Jody F.

Mosaic Workshops with Debra

Aside from creating mosaics, the most gratifying aspect of my mosaic endeavors is teaching. I’ve worked with students who’ve never done anything artistic, students who think they will never be good at art, accomplished artists who work in other types of art but not mosaics, other mosaic artists seeking to round out their own work, and just about every other kind of creative soul longing for an exciting, fun-filled, rewarding couple of days letting their creative spirits come alive. I am always thrilled to see their individual talents come to fruition in beautiful works of art.

I teach mostly in my home studio, an intimate space fit for a maximum of 10 students, crammed with stained glass, mosaic tools, adhesives, grout, various baubles, beads, and who knows what else that might end up in a mosaic.  I share my tricks and trade secrets, my failures and successes (so you can learn from my mistakes), and my go-to resource list so you can buy what I buy from my favorite suppliers.  I supply a wide variety of stained glass, tiles, adhesives, tools, and other cool odds and ends, depending on the class type.  You can bring any personal treasures you want to add to your piece.

We are not too serious here at Cinderella Mosaics.  Whimsy, color, humor and joy take the lead. I promise you will learn the skills and techniques to discover your own special talent and watch it flourish on your own artistic journey, whatever that may be.  I only hope you leave my class having had a wonderful escape, and with a new appreciation for the joy of making mosaics.

Introduction to Mosaics

Introduction to Mosaics for Beginner/Intermediate

Whether you have dabbled in mosaics or starting from square one, this class is for you. I will provide an overview of the art form, various styles of mosaics, the types of substrates and their preparation, types of tesserae, tools, adhesives, how to cut glass and grout. You can make either a 10x10 mirror or an 8x8 wall panel.  I will assist you every step of the way and you will go home with a beautiful work of art!

Mosaic Florals

Mosaic Florals

for Beginners/ Intermediate

This has become a signature class here at Cinderella Mosaics.  Mosaic florals are made from a combination of glass mosaic backdrops and found objects that substitute for flowers. 

Please bring a frame you love with the glass intact.  You will be working directly on the glass.  Your frame size will depend somewhat on how much material you have collected to put into your arrangement.  I suggest no larger than a 11″ x 13″ or around that size if you wish to finish the project.  Alternatively, you can do 2 smaller ones –  5″ x 7″ or 4″ x 6″.

Day 1 – we will complete your backdrop and vase.  Be thinking about your color scheme. We will also start preparing your items for your bouquet, removing bulky pins, etc. and laying out your arrangement.  Grouting can start if the glass is dry.

Day 2 – we grout and adhere your “flowers” to complete your arrangement.  This is where you will learn about the various adhesives and methods for layering and using “filler” beads and jewels to bring your floral to life.

These are some of the items I have available for you…

Please bring items to make your bouquet – jewelry, vintage brooches, beads, earrings, anything that could be used to look like flowers.  Now is the time to empty out all those drawers filled with your treasures or make use of the old jewelry you haven’t known what to do with. Since the arrangement itself won’t be grouted, you can use materials of all kinds for your flowers – plastic, leather, metal, wood, shells, pearls. fabric, etc., you name it!!  I have incorporated buttons, knobs, shower rings, coasters, ceramics, belt buckles- let your imagination go wild!!  I will provide a big grab box of filler baubles and beads, the stained glass, glue and grout.  I will also have some interesting things for sale.

Birds and Other Creatures – 3d Mosaics

Birds and Other Creatures – 3d Mosaics

I love making birds and other creatures!  It is so fun to see them come to life the minute you give them their eyes!

I will teach how to work on 3D vertical substrates and the various glues and adhesives that work for this application. I can show bird makers how to do glass feathers and the various ways we can “decorate” our creatures with beads and feathers, hats and headdresses etc.

We will use mostly glass, which I supply, and I have glue, grout and tools. I have feathers galore, too. I’ll have “accoutrement” for sale like eyes and jewels, chains, beads and rhinestones etc. but please bring your “decorations”, too.  Look for things that resemble feathers or hats or any other jewels to adorn your creatures.  Look at these for inspiration.

Mosaic Glass Slippers

Mosaic Glass Slippers

Some mosaic experience is a plus but not required.  This class is two longer days.

This is how it all started!  I’m obsessed with making mosaic shoes in all their glory!  We take an ordinary shoe and make it extraordinary.  So many of us have shoes we used to wear or a wedding shoe we will never wear again or a shoe we wouldn’t ever wear at all.  Why not make them into beautiful art pieces?  The design possibilities are endless. Keep in mind your shoe will grow with the addition of plaster wrap and glass. If you are looking for a shoe from a thrift store look for the smallest size.  The easiest shoes to make are slides or slip-ons without straps.  I will okay your choice before the class.  I also have shoes here if you need one.

Look for a focal piece to plant on your shoe toe or choose another way to design as you wish.  Feel free to bring your bling or any other things you want to add to your shoe.  You may also want to incorporate fine patterned china or metal findings.

Day One-I will demo the process and then we will plaster and rigid wrap your shoe.  While the shoe is drying we will be mapping out your color palette and design, and cutting glass.  If your shoe is dry you can start gluing glass to the bottom of your shoe.

Day Two-Your shoe will be dry after sitting overnight.  Today we finish adding the glass onto the shoe and trim with our focal piece and other decorations.

Jeweled Mirrors

Jeweled Mirrors

Some mosaic experience is a plus but not required.

I learned this method from the legendary mosaicist, Laurel Skye, several years ago. These mirrors are made almost like tapestry using stained glass, beads, jewelry, trinkets, and anything else imbedded in mastic tile adhesive, eliminating grouting. I learned this method from the legendary mosaicist, Laurel Skye, several years ago. Once you learn this method you can use it to cover other things, too, like boxes or vases or wall pieces or just about anything. I will supply a 10x10 mirror, tools, mastic and lots of stained glass and filler beads. You bring anything from home you want to add.

Picassiette “Broken Dishes”

Picassiette – “Broken Dishes”

Some mosaic experience is a plus but not required.

Picassiette is the term meaning literally, “plate stealer”. This is the term for mosaic art using broken china. The class format is relatively loose so you can choose what you want to make. Students have made a favorite pet, a face, an animal or an abstract using dishes. (show class WIP photos)

What is so fun about this method is that you can take the beautiful patterns from old or new china and incorporate them into your art in such interesting ways. You can use precious dishes from your family and give them new life. I like to combine china with glass for the different patterns and textures. (sarah-use the little Picasso cat and my self portrait here)

I will provide a wood panel for you to work on or a mirror, all the adhesives and tools, stained glass, and a scattering of dishes. I suggest you bring dishes you like or have sentimental feelings about so you can incorporate them into your work.

I’ve provided a link for a Martha Stewart video featuring a picassiette artist that does furniture. She does amazing work and Martha gives some history of the method. (Video: Picassiette Mosaics with Cheryl Hazan | Martha Stewart) You can also find inspiration on Pinterest. You will need to talk with me in advance about your project choice so we can agree it will be suitable for this class. Depending on your idea, I can also pick a good size wood panel for you.