I was lucky enough to happen upon Debra of Cinderella Mosaics during my first visit to Asheville. I was immediately drawn to her art and discussed a custom piece with her. She had fantastic ideas and was eager to get started. She ran the project by me as she was creating it, asking my opinions, etc. I let her use her artistic expertise and the piece came out spectacularly. I also had my eye on a statute of a cat that I saw at her show in Asheville. Two years later, that cat has a premier spot in my living room – “Her Majesty”, as she is known. I never fail to get compliments on this piece. The work is meticulous and absolutely gorgeous. My grandmother used to tell me of a saying: “They decorated their room around a vase”…well, I have decorated two rooms around Cinderella Mosaics one-of-a-kind art and couldn’t be happier. We are even now discussing a third piece. I have no doubt that Debra’s work will become our family heirlooms. If you have the opportunity to own a piece, don’t pass it up! The work is phenomenal, and Debra is a delight to work with.

Jane F.

Debra Mager

is a self taught mosaic artist.  Her unceasing desire to create art came late in life.  She considers this a divine blessing, as she did not have any idea this dormant talent was waiting to come forth. She developed her craft by learning from the best mosaic teachers in the country, reading many many books on the subject, and by practice. The process of making art allows her to escape to a state of mind filled with peace, happiness and total contentment. Debra’s art is an expression of the joyful, beautiful happy things in life with a touch of whimsy.  Her goal is to share the joy making her art brings to her with those who view it.   And by teaching, to help others express their creative talent so that they may, too, enjoy the sheer pleasure of making art.

She considers her art, in the words of the author, Elizabeth Gilbert,  “souvenirs” of her artistic journey.

Cinderella Mosaics Is Born.

A few years ago, I tried my hand at an art form I had always admired but never attempted myself.  Never having actually made art, I only collected  it, this was definitely a crapshoot.  I approached it as a hobby, considering I had a full time job, and had no idea whether I would be good at it.  I read every book on the subject of mosaics, took classes, and practiced incessantly.  I learned quickly, discovered a tremendous passion for the craft and have been at it ever since.

My husband came up with the name Cinderella Mosaics for two reasons.  First, I felt I was living a dream, given this unexpected gift to be able to create art when I had never done it before, and second because I became obsessed with making mosaic shoes!  They have since become my signature and I can’t stop making them!

Mosaics is a fascinating art form–literally everything can be “puzzled” together into mosaic art, both functional and aesthetic.  We can “cover” any object, transforming it from average to spectacular.  We can create pictures made of glass, or stone, or porcelain dishes.  We can take the most unassuming objects and turn them into unexpected fantastic works of art.  The opportunities to create in this art form are endless.