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I was lucky enough to happen upon Debra of Cinderella Mosaics during my first visit to Asheville. I was immediately drawn to her art and discussed a custom piece with her. She had fantastic ideas and was eager to get started. She ran the project by me as she was creating it, asking my opinions, etc. I let her use her artistic expertise and the piece came out spectacularly. I also had my eye on a statute of a cat that I saw at her show in Asheville. Two years later, that cat has a premier spot in my living room – “Her Majesty”, as she is known. I never fail to get compliments on this piece. The work is meticulous and absolutely gorgeous. My grandmother used to tell me of a saying: “They decorated their room around a vase”…well, I have decorated two rooms around Cinderella Mosaics one-of-a-kind art and couldn’t be happier. We are even now discussing a third piece. I have no doubt that Debra’s work will become our family heirlooms. If you have the opportunity to own a piece, don’t pass it up! The work is phenomenal, and Debra is a delight to work with.
Jane F.