Is “Different” Good or Bad or Both?

I find it so curious that I often get comments that my work is “different”. Sometimes this is delivered with a big smile, sometimes with an awkwardness, sometimes with a look that says “I don’t quite understand this art but I feel like I have to say something”. So is “different a positive or a negative? I guess it depends on the viewer. I have fans who say they find it so refreshing to see something unique in a sea of sameness. For them different is better. They relish the surprise, the difference from what they are used to seeing, and they can’t wait to bring something home. As for the others, they are not quite sure what to make of it but I think they like the uniqueness in the end. Maybe not enough to take it home, but enough to enjoy the few minutes looking at something they haven’t seen before. They like the intrigue. I’ll take that as a compliment!