The Joy of Rediscovering

I know I have a lot of “stuff” in my studio.  I think having lots of choices is important.  It could be that one perfect thing in your wide array of things that makes your work cross over to great from good.  Plus, it prevents that frustration when you know exactly what little bead or brooch or string of pearls or piece of glass or bauble the art is asking for and you don’t have it.  That plagues me because nothing can substitute for what you have in your head at that moment.

The best part of having a lot of stuff is when you momentarily forget what you have or where you put it and then you go to get something and the wonderful thing you forgot you had magically shows itself.  Isn’t that the best feeling??  “Wow, I forgot I had this and its perfect for what I need right now!”  Rediscovering is what I call it.  You love it when you acquire it, it gets stashed among your other stuff, you forget about it, and then, joy of joys, there it is and you love it all over again!